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Sustainable Agriculture and Food security


Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

4-H Zimbabwe was founded on the need for stable, secure, and diversified rural economies hinged on youth-led trade and service industries growing alongside the traditional agricultural sector. 4-H Zimbabwe harnesses innovation and energy of youth in rural and peri-urban agricultural communities to cultivate a strong understanding of and enthusiasm for Zimbabwe’s agricultural practices. 4-H Zimbabwe is committed to supporting youth as they explore issues related to sustainable agriculture and food security at home and abroad. Youth engagement in this global issue is vital to understanding the food we grow and eat and to creating innovative solutions for feeding the planet. The goals of this leadership pillar are to provide 4-H’ers with opportunities to:

  • Appreciate and learn about the food we eat and grow
  • Explore innovative and sustainable farming practices
  • Discover new ways of improving nutrition and food security
  • Exchange ideas and solutions at home and globally.


These are the programs we carry out under the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Thematic Area
Enterprise Gardens

Enterprise Gardens

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schools and Community Clubs
Enterprise Projects

Enterprise Projects

Small livestock, apiculture, pen fattening, aquaculture, value addition and agri business trade and services
4-H Zimbabwe clubs of excellence program

4-H Zimbabwe clubs of excellence program