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PARTSON ZINDI , Youth in Agriculture!


Partson Zindi

Age: 25

Province: Mash East

Founder AgroKings (Pvt) Limited a firm which specializes in the farming, procurement, selling & distribution of agricultural produce .He is also the Chairperson of a movement called Association of Youths in Agriculture.


The youth who are making an impact in the society


BRIAN NDLOVU, a 22 year old from Matebeleland North is the founder of Sisonke Condom Champions (SCC). He is also a Peer educator impacting the youth in sexual and reproductive health related issues, distribution of Condoms in High density surbubs of Bulawayo and Lupane State University

An exceptional 22 year old Media practitioner Uratile Nare


Uratile Nare is a 22 year old currently in Harare province. A multi talented aspiring media practitioner. She is the founder of a branding and advertising company Nala Media and The Wheel Magazine which is a youth entrepreneurial  Business Magazine. She is an advertiser and influencer who runs a popular fashion blog called 'Diverse Fashionista'. She is a TV host and sports commentator and also a model and brand ambassador for several brands.



This 3rd year NUST student is making waves in the media. The wheel magazine can be accessed via YUMPU. 









A huge increase in the rise of teenage pregnancies and child marriages during lockdown.


The Government imposed a Level Four lockdown at the beginning of the year resulting in the postponement of school opening. According to a report by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development which was presented in Parliament last week, the country recorded 4 959 cases of teenage pregnancies and 1 774 child marriages in January and February alone. The report also showed that 900 girls below the age of 17 were raped in October and November last year, indicating an average of 15 girls being raped per day.

Some of the rape cases were of girls below the age of seven.


Educationists, experts in adolescent sexual reproduction and parents said there was need for an urgent intervention by the Government and local communities. National Association of Secondary Headmasters president Mr Arthur Maphosa said the solution lies in the opening of schools as most teenage girls were being exposed to abusers while at home.

“The number of teenagers falling pregnant is not only disturbing but detrimental to efforts made by the Government and its partners to protect and empower the girl child. Children have to be in school but that was not possible for a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown that forced the closure of schools. Our young girls were exposed to the vagaries of society, made to engage in sex, forcibly in most cases.


We acknowledge that this is a time of great anxiety, uncertainty and stress for many as normal life routines are changed. Women and girls who constitute the greater percentage of gender-based violence survivors find themselves trapped in homes with abusive husbands, fathers, brothers and family members with limited access to protection and support services. With the report, we have indeed witnessed unprecedented incidents of rape during this period.”



Women`s rights on land

Milestones have been made to protect the property rights of women and the instruments are being analysed. Women can apply for land in their own right. Further, the Government has established a quota system wherein women are entitled to get a share of all land identified for resettlement.

It remains to be seen how effective this quota system has been followed by the allocating authority, as the statistics cut across other considerations such as war veterans and youths. It is my submission that women war veterans be honoured as such by right, so as to create more space for other ordinary women. Women also own land through relations such as marriage or inheritance. However, most women who own land through marriage are reluctant to have their names on the tenure document, and this has a strong bearing on their rights as I shall indicate below.

No description available.

Statutory Instrument 53 of 2014 provides that, if a permit holder is married to one or more spouses at the time, the permit is signed, his or her spouse (s) shall be deemed to hold an equal joint and undivided share in the allocated land. On the other hand, if both spouses are signatories to the permit, they both automatically hold equal joint and undivided shares in the allocated land.

The consequences of failing to have one’s name on the tenure document are felt upon divorce, as the spouse who holds the tenure document is given superior rights of buying the other party out with very limited or no recourse for the other spouse.

However, if both parties have their names on the tenure document and if neither of them is willing to be bought out, their case has to go for arbitration as provided by the Arbitration Act (Chapter 7:15). According to the instrument the party who is most likely to develop the plot further will get the right to buy out the other.

"Women are the future"


Recently nominated for best sports person of the year by 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation, Joyce Gwati talks about her passion for soccer and women being the future.

Most of us have vivid memories of our childhoods and Joyce Gwati, now 22 remembers getting involved with soccer at a tender age of 11. To her, soccer is the ultimate platform for expressing her passion for sport and changing the cliché of football being the, ‘game for men.’ Challenging the status quo forms part of her mission statement and so far, she has done that with some finesse. The Midlands State University (MSU) must be the hub that brews football juggernauts as can be seen through defensive midfielder cum captain fantastic Joyce who dons the jersey number 14. She is a marvel to watch.


Quizzed on her perception on the state of affairs concerned with women’s participation in football, the bubbly footballer cited the zeal that women have on sport. Her figures ranged from ‘70 to 85%’ but cried foul on the lack of female representation in boards. It is not rocket science that in Zimbabwe, women football has not been taken seriously to the satisfaction of those involved with the sport. According to her, ‘research has shown that women in NSA constitute 21% and the 18% are board members hence less women in decision-making positions and more dominance of men in key man in sport leadership positions.’


Joyce Gwati was nominated by 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation as was one of the best senior sport persons of the year in 2020.

 Joyce rejoices in warming the hearts of people especially females who love sports. She delights on the idea of Kirsty Coventry, a woman leading the Ministry that deals with sport since Joyce believes that, ‘women are the future.’

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