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International Day of Peace

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Today is #InternationalDayofPeace. The Youth play a critical role in preventing violence & conflict in the world! As we are approaching 2023 elections, we should build a culture of political tolerance & preventing electoral violence! Peace & Development compliment each other!

The lack of women’s participation in commercial crop production.


The lack of women’s participation in commercial crop production is often not a preference, but the result of limited access to inputs and markets.

The power of empowering women


Empowerment allows women to exercise strategic control over their own lives and renegotiate their relationships with others.


Women and economic empowerment


Despite the progress that has been made in strengthening women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion, much remains to be done. Zimbabwe lags behind other countries in terms of gender empowerment and equality measures, disadvantaging the country’s women and girls.

Youth and their role in the economy


Youth can play a pivotal role in revitalizing local economies, driving innovation, strengthening civil society organizations (CSOs), managing natural resources and designing public policies for rural development.

21 Year old Rumbidzai Maiziveyi making an impact in the society


"In May when Kwekwe was hit by the new Covid Variant, I managed to coordinate a group so that we could donate sanitizers and hand wash. I had realised that children were using soap for hand wash, with the pandemic it was not conjusive. We also donated to Globe and Phoniex Primary School a 20litre tin with a tap for easy hand wash, sanitizers and a couple bottles of hand wash."


" We moved on to create a group under Smile Action International to help the children who are vulnerable, the disabled and discussing contemporary issues. Currently, we are hosting talk sessions on WhatsApp for children's rights and mental health issues every friday of each month end."


" I thought this would inspire some of the youths that we are able to make a change in our  society. This friday we are hosting.."Our Children, Our Tomorrow" Talk whereby we will be discussing on issues that have affected the children especially with the inherent issue of child marriages, early pregnancies etc. We want to enlighten the kids and even us the adults to see how we can handle the kids. One thing that should not happen to this generation is for them to grow in bitterness by that they will not be able to fully exude their full potential,"she said.



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