The initiative managed to positively influence the attitude, behavior and tolerance levels of the youth (male and female) towards each other attributed to the peace building, leadership trainings, peace dialogues and sport4peace initiatives implemented. The initiative has shifted the fear of young people into hope and divisions into unity. Unlike in 2018, there has been a significant reduction in pre-election violence with 61% of people now embracing democratic values as peaceful means in elections. The initiative targets the youth, since they have been used as tools for violence receiving few tokens due to their economic vulnerability. The organisation signed MOUs with youth assemblies from seven political parties (ZANU-PF, CCC, MDC, NCA, FEEZ, LEAD and ZEFF) for inclusive peace building initiatives. Interparty’ sport4peace games were played for the first time in Zimbabwean politics with the six political parties and rival students unions (ZICOSU and ZINASU), using sport as a tool to promote peace and political tolerance. In addition, the political parties were successfully engaged and come up with the Youth Peace Pledge and Zimbabwe Youth Charter on Peace and Electoral processes documents to be signed before the elections, the guiding documents on youth peaceful participation on the electoral processes. The initiative has been recognized in the regional by African Union (Youth Peace and Security Agenda) reflecting the regional impact in advancing youth peace and security agenda in Africa. At international level, the initiative has been recognized by Peace and Sport for using sport as a tool to promote peace and political tolerance in Zimbabwe.