Youth Civic Education and Engagement

4-H Zimbabwe Civic Education and Engagement involves working with youth across all political and social affiliations to make a positive difference in their communities. Our intervention includes youth community engagement forums, dialogues, Youth4Peace sports initiatives, Drug Abuse Awareness Campaigns

Key Focus Areas

Youth Development
  • Youth Partnership approach—youth and adults work together in a positive and respectful environment, contributing their unique strengths to the project and their relationship
  • Includes the Essential Elements of Positive Youth Development—mastery, independence, belonging and generosity
  • Youth Meaningful Participation in the Electoral processes
  • Youth voter registration and education
Community Engagement
  • Youth Peace Dialogue sessions
  • Peace building sporting games
  • Drug awareness campaigns
  • Community farmers clubs
  • Talent search programs through sports and arts


Promoting peace and tolerance through sport and dialogues.

4-H Zimbabwe is using sports to ensure there is peaceful pre and post electoral environment in te country. This initiative is meant to unify and create engagement amongst youths from different backgrounds and political affilliations. Sport is also used by organisation as a way of identifying talent amongst young people so as to provide them with mentorship programs.

4-H Zimbabwe is also hosting peace dialogues meetings with youth from different political parties with the aim to promote peace. The organization has currently trained 75 youth as peace embassadors as an attempt to ensure a peaceful pre electoral environment with no violence.

It is 4-H Zimbabwe`s aim to witness Zimbabwean youth that are inclusive and tolerant to one another so that there is a peaceful environment in the country.

4-H Zimbabwe Launches Sports For Peace Initiative

Zanu PF, CCC take political contest to football pitch, in peace building initiative

CCC, Zanu (PF) youths unite through sports

Youth Leadership Seminars and Awards
4-H Zimbabwe Leadership Seminars with youth and Outstanding Youth Annual Awards.

4-H Zimbabwe hosts seminars whereby the youth in different sectors of the economy are educated on how to be leaders that positively impact society.

4-H Zimbabwe also hosts annual outstanding youth awards that are meant to recognize and empower youth thriving inn different sectors of the economy.

Outstanding Youths Honored

JUST IN: The second edition of youth recognition awards on the cards

Youth Voter Registration and Education
Youth voter mobilization and registration programs.

 4-H Zimbabwe takes a stand in ensuring that the youth are informed when it comes to voting processes and to also encourage them to vote. This is because the youth have the loudest voice in the country and we want to ensure that their voices are used and are heard so that they decide on their future.


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