4-H Zimbabwe has sought to intensively include people with disabilities in Zimbabwe’s electoral and developmental processes.
The organization had successfully trained people with disabilities on voter peace education in midlands last year before the 2023 harmonized elections.

The significance of this initiative stems from the often-overlooked reality that PWDs continue to be sidelined in vital electoral procedures and developmental discussions. A concerning pattern has persisted, wherein their voices and perspectives are not adequately represented, perpetuating their exclusion from the core fabric of societal progress.

The training heralded increased peaceful involvement and empowerment of PWDs, who now stand as informed and conscientious participants in the electoral process.

THIS YEAR , the organization held a peace voter education post review meeting with PwDs in the Midlands province. The meeting was to assess if the needs of the PwDs were met during elections and as well as to create a platform for recommendations to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) relating to PwDs.