Zimbabwean political parties namely ZEFF,FEEZ,LEAD, CCC, ZANU PF and MDC T have each recognized 4-H Zimbabwe`s efforts to promote peace in the country through sport and dialogues. These parties all sent congratulatory messages to 4-H Zimbabwe to congratulate them for being elected as one of three nominees for a prestigious international peace and sport award, for NGO of the year award in the year 2022.

Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters (ZEFF) Youth General Secretary, Commander Dennis Kapere expressed how the youth command feels happy and honored with this nomination as they have been beneficiaries of this great initiative by the organization through work shops and sporting activities.

‘As ZEFF we believe that sport and recreational activities play a sensational role in peace building and it facilitates in the promotion of universal values and is not limited to language or culture.’

We shall continue to give support to the great initiatives by the organization as ZEFF Youth Command, hoping that we cascade the good behavior to our seniors, he said.’

Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) Youth Forum Chair Kenneth Tari also thanked 4-H Zimbabwe for it`s great work and showed appreciation as a party that is in a society that requires facilitators of peacebuilding like 4-H Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) party through the Deputy Secretary For Youth Affairs Hon John Paradza congratulated 4-H Zimbabwe for the nomination and pledged their active participation to such interventions that bring unity and peace in the country.

Citizens Coalition for Change ( CCC ) Youth Champion Cecilia Chimbiri also commended the organization`s work in attaining a peaceful and inclusive society.

Movement for Democratic Change Chairperson Winfielda Yvonne Musarurwa also expressed how it has been such an honor to have attended and participated workshops and sporting activities aimed at achieving development goals and creating a culture of peace among political parties as we approach the 2023 general elections.

By Michelle Ncube