As a result of the local community coaches trainings that was hosted by 4-H Zimbabwe in conjunction with FIFA Foundation, the beneficiaries have been conducting trainings in their respective wards. The training of the local community coaches was done in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe district and Mutoko district in Mashonaland East.

The youth from the various wards have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity by 4- H Zimbabwe in conjunction with FIFA Foundation as they are now using sports as a platform to engage to discuss issues that affect them and the community as a whole. The topics include drug abuse, bullying, unemployment and violence. The training sessions have made it easier for the youth to address these issues in a none tense atmosphere that allows everyone to be equal like sports .

The training sessions have also contributed immensely to positive participation , inclusion and tolerance amongst the youth from the two districts. Through the local community coaches basic training sessions that took place in the two districts, the coaches have testified to have learnt a lot about effective training. The social games have proves that soccer is not only a men`s game but also for females.

Michelle Ncube