4-H director John Muchenje told NewsDay that the youth governance charter must include guiding principles on how they should conduct themselves during elections.

“We have already started engaging the country’s three main political parties, Zanu PF, Citizens Coalition for Change and the MDC to deliberate on the proposed document,” Muchenje said.

“We want every party to be a signatory to the document. We also want to expand the project to other political parties so that it does not become a Zanu PF, CCC or MDC thing.”

He said his organisation was working closely with the Parliamentary Youth Caucus to ensure that the document gets Parliament buy-in.

“We want the document to be youth-driven rather than be a consultant document.  We will be holding outreach programmes on the issue. After drafting the document, it will be taken to Parliament. We have already engaged the Parliamentary Youth Caucus and they have accepted the plan and we are working with them closely to ensure that after we have done the draft it will go through Parliament.”