4-H Zimbabwe Foundation ropes in Lorraine Guyo, Peter Moyo to encourage youths to vote

4-H Zimbabwe Foundation communications officer – Michelle Ncube said: “As artistes have a large following, we’ll be working with Lorraine Guyo and Peter Moyo before roping in others from Matabeleland when we launch the campaign in that region. 

“Our motive is to try by all means to enlighten youths on the importance of voting and making it clear to them that all this is possible if one has an ID or a valid passport. We want youths to strongly participate during the elections as they constitute about 68% of the country’s population. They deserve a chance to decide their future for themselves,” said Ncube.

“Voter registration following the 2018 harmonised elections has been worryingly low. If young people do not register to vote and participate in elections, their distinct interests are more likely to be ignored or neglected by policy-makers thus as 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation, we are therefore encouraging the youths to get their IDs and register now,” said Ncube.