The organization in partnership with with Business Times and ZiFm hosted a breakfast meeting with Father Mukonori at Rainbow Towers under the topic “Beyond Politics.”

Father Fidelis Mukonori is a Zimbabwean religious leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He is known for his proximity to Political events. In November 2017, after the Zimbabwean military had taken over control of the country, he was a mediator between President Mugabe and the military generals.

The conversation was about reconciliation, leadership, diplomacy, ethical business and negotiating out of tricky situations. The key takeaways were to gain insights into Zimbabwe`s past and future, to explore ethical business practices and to learn from Father Mukonori`s leadership.

During his speech, Father Mukonori encouraged people to ensure that they always maintain their integrity during conflicts. He emphasized on the need to always have faith and to put God in the forefront of everything. He highlighted that peace and reconciliation are very possible and that we ought to always work towards achieving it.

Speaking at the event, Executive Director for 4-H Zimbabwe Mr John Muchenje articulated on the activation by 4-H Zimbabwe in peace building initiatives.

“4-H Zimbabwe is pleased to be sponsoring such an incredible event that seeks to dig into the impacts and importance of reconciliation. The organization has done various programs that have involved young people from various political parties in a bid to promote peace. We have done peace dialogues and sport 4 peace programs. Our aim is to ensure that youth in Zimbabwe understand that we need to work together despite our different beliefs and ideologies.

Closing the ceremony, the Board Chairperson for AB Communications Ms Belinda Muswaka thanked everyone who made an effort to be part of the program. She thanked 4-H Zimbabwe for sponsoring the event and for the work that it does in ensuring that there is peace in Zimbabwe.