4-H Zimbabwe using sport as a tool to promote peace and tolerance amongst youths from different political parties in the country. The organisation is currently hosting multi party youth assemblies sports event at Belvedere Teachers college with the aim to use sports as a tool to foster peace and inclusivity in the society. “What we want to achieve is to contribute and promote inter cultural dialogue , to ensure a peaceful environment pre , during and post elections,”said 4-H Zimbabwe national director John Muchenje.

4-H Zimbabwe has been working on different projects with the aim to promote a peaceful electoral environment including training youth as embassadors for peace and multi political peace dialogues. “We also want to identify best practices and lessons learnt through sport and how it builds bridges between individuals across communities and how it helps to attain development and peace objectives,” Muchenje continued.

4-H Zimbabwe asaw it fit to raise awareness on the power of sports in promoting unity and inclusivity as well as to support organisations that use sport for development and peace in their respective communities by providing capacity buildingĀ  , mentorship visibility and sustainability