Prior to the 2023 harmonised elections, 4-H Zimbabwe succesfully engaged Presidential candidates from various political parties in Zimbabwe in a bid have a peaceful electoral processes.

All the Presidents pledged their support and commitment in ensuring that there is need for peace pre, during and after the elections.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa amongst other political party Presidents joined hands to dismiss politically motivated violence ahead of the 2023 elections while encouraging the spirit of tolerance.

The organization saw the need to directly engage Presidents so that they spread the message of peace within their parties. The are the people who have significant influence over their party members and supporters, which can be leveraged to promote peaceful conflict resolution. As leaders, they set the tone for their part`s stance on peace and conflict, making their involvement essential for building a culture of peace.

Engaging party Presidents promotes accountability among political leaders, ensuring they prioritize peace and reconciliation. They can facilitate dialogue among rival groups, fostering understanding and cooperation. Their involvement can promote national unity and reconciliation, essential for building a peaceful and stable society.