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Article by Spiked.

On a positive but rare occasion, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and ZANU-PF supporters were among various political party youths who locked horns in a football tournament organized by a Non-governmental organization 4-H Zimbabwe.

Various other political parties converged in Belvedere for the festival, including the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), Front For Economic Emancipation (FEEZ), and MDC-A.

Speaking to Spiked Online Media on the sidelines of the sporting extravaganza, CCC interim spokesperson Vomberaishe Nhende applauded the move by 4-H that he said fosters unity amongst the youths.

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“This festival is of paramount importance as it removes violence amongst the youths and unifies them. Engaging in sports is a good initiative because sport unites people. We are citizens first despite varying political preferences,” he said.

Nhende urged the youths to desist from raucous pressure groups and be united especially given the looming 2023 elections.

This comes after political party leaders gathered a few weeks ago for a unity and peace discussion which was organized by 4-H again.

ZANU-PF youth national member Taurai Kundishaya lauded 4-H and dovetailed with Nhende as he said the initiative brings peace and complements President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra for a peaceful nation.

“We thank our youths for heeding the President’s call to be peaceful and the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. As ZANU-PF, we have an engagement and re-engagement policy which leaves no one and no place behind, ” he said.

4-H Zimbabwe executive director John Muchenje said as an organization, they would want to unite the youths and motivate them to be lenient towards each other to ensure that the country will have peaceful elections next year.