4-H Zimbabwe had an engagement meeting with Parliament Youth Caucus (PYC). The discussions were around future collaborations on PYC mentorship programs Youth policy advocacy, Provincial youth engagement meetings in Development & Peace building and Engendered youth policies.

The organization seeks to work with the Youth Quota MPs on

  1. Governance and Leadership Mentorship program
  2. Policy making training and Youth Advocacy
  3. Gender Mainstreaming in Youth Policies
  4. National Development Policies and Youth Participation
  5. Peace Building training
  6. Provincial YCPD engagements- Meet the young people in provinces

The Parliamentary Youth Caucus (PYC) is a non-partisan, cross party and cross parliamentary grouping of Members of Parliament who work together to advocate for constitutional and legislative rights of Youth (15-35 years). It is committed to protecting and promoting youth rights. It collaborates with similar entities in the Region and Globally.

All political parties represented in Parliament were present during the meeting. The meeting charts a new path in Zimbabwe’s quest to include young people in national development , peace building and leadership.

The expected outcomes for this Youth Council for Peace and Development (YCPD) is an improved coordination and collaboration amongst Youth Quota MPs in peace building and national development, strong, open and inclusive networks and alliances for peace building, leadership and national development, Increased engendering and youth inclusion influence in policy and decision making and increased youth participation in policy making processes linked to peace and development.