Empowering women is not only bringing gender equality but also reversing issues of food insecurity, providing them proper health care and education and preventing them from being underpaid. 

This is why 4-H Zimbabwe has intervened and improved livelihoods of rural women through establishing 8 community gardens with solar powered boreholes and 4-H Zimbabwe women farmers community clubs.

Women now have access to clean and safe water. Availability of water has been a challenge to most households but, with the installation of a solar-powered borehole to the community, lives have been embettered and this has benefitted more than 400 householgs in the Hurungwe West community.


Through the 4-H Zimbabwe women farmers clubs that are being set in all 60 districts in the country, more than 6000 women farmers will be educated on agricultural processes, social, financial and leadership skills.

Empowering a woman is feeding a whole nation.

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