ZANU PF and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) youths Wednesday took their fight onto the pitch at a political party youth sport festival organised by non-governmental organization (NGO), 4H Zimbabwe, as a way of promoting peace.

The festival saw opposing political parties, that included members of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), Front for Economic Emancipation in Zimbabwe (FEEZ) and MDC-T, battle it out in netball and soccer, among other sports.

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The festival was hosted as part of 4H Zimbabwe’s Africa day celebrations.

CCC won the main event, the football final 2-0 against main political rivals Zanu PF

“As political party youth assembly and association members, we are saying there is room for us to be united despite political party affiliation,” said Womberaiishe Nhende, who is CCC youth assembly deputy spokesperson.

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“This event is key ahead of the coming election season, as it builds a spirit of tolerance among us.”

4H Zimbabwe recently held a dialogue session with the youths in Harare. The organisation’s executive director, John Muchenje, said they were happy political parties had given their attempt at unity and peace building a chance.

“We are happy they heeded to our call and accepted our invites for this sporting festival. We are using sport as a tool to promote peace and tolerance among youths as they constitute the greater proportion of the country’s population,” said Muchenje.

Taurai Kandishaya, a Zanu PF youth league executive member, said Zanu PF had for long been advocating for peace, hence their decision to heed the call.


“Our message as Zanu PF is simple, we always advocate for unity and peace in the country. No wonder we heeded 4H’s call.

“We urge all youths out there to work together and build our country.”