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4-H Zimbabwe Foundation and the Government of Zimbabwe (GOZ) represented by the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement have signed a five (5) year Memorandum of Understanding concerning the promotion of Youth in Agricultur


4-H Zimbabwe Foundation and the Government of Zimbabwe (GOZ) represented by the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement have signed a five (5) year Memorandum of Understanding concerning the promotion of Youth in Agriculture in the rural areas. The Government of Zimbabwe and 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation have entered this Memorandum of Understanding to promote agriculture in rural areas targeting the youth (16 to 35 years) in support of the Government of Zimbabwe’s effort towards sustainable agriculture and livelihoods as stipulated in the Agricultural Recovery Plan.
The objective of this Memorandum includes the setting of schools and youth clubs nationally, the implementation of “learn by doing” approach within the youth, the promotion of agricultural activities in districts and facilitating exchange programmes locally, regionally and internationally and also the facilitation of youth mentorship programmes in Agricultural Colleges and Universities in Zimbabwe among other things.
Speaking at the sidelines of the signing ceremony, 4-H Zimbabwe Board Chairperson Mrs Wendy Madzura said, “we are happy as an organisation to sign this MOU with the Ministry and our main objective being to compliment the efforts of the Government through nurturing, mentorship and conducting empowerment - agricultural programmes for the youth in agriculture throughout the country”.
The organisation is currently running a National Youth mentorship programme and Rural Young Women Entrepreneurs in Agriculture Mentorship and Empowerment program (RYWEAME) in Midlands Province (Chirumanzu district), Mashonaland West Province (Hurungwe district) and Matebeleland South Province (Bulilima district). Its focus areas are in improving and promoting youth targeting rural marginalised young women in best agricultural practices, climate smart agriculture, climate change and adaptation and financial management. 
The organisation has worked with Hwahwa prison in the Midlands Province and established an agriculture club to nurture the inmates on the importance of agriculture and skills impartation in ensuring economic growth for the prisoners when they have finished serving their term and are let back out into the community. Moreover it has facilitated the rehabilitation of Jairos Jiri greenhouse gardens that has gone a long way in assisting people with disability to be able to earn a living from the proceeds.It has also worked with several schools in Zimbabwe (Harare, Bulawayo, Midlands, and Mashonaland Central Province) in setting up school agriculture clubs.
The two parties will be operating in all provinces in Zimbabwe and will co-operate with private players and developmental partners who undertake to work with youth in agriculture in Zimbabwe.


Pregnant 14year old Machaya dies while receiving prayers at Johanne Marange church


A 14-year-old girl died last week while giving birth at a shrine in Bocha, Mutare.

Relatives of the late Memory Machaya are yet to come to terms with the way they were treated at Johanne Marange church where Memory was receiving prayers.

Family spokesperson Alice Mabika told H-Metro that Memory’s mother Shy Mabika was denied access to the burial of her daughter where bouncers forced her to remain silent as she mourned her daughter.

“Our hearts are bleeding. We are suffering like this because of a church doctrine.” said Mabika.

“We were denied access to witness the burial of our daughter as bouncers silenced us and warned us over spreading news of the death of our relative.

Memory, the last born in a family of six children, was having her first birth.

She was buried at the shrine where she was receiving prayers.


Rural youth face many hurdles in trying to earn a livelihood.


Rural youth face many hurdles in trying to earn a livelihood. They do not perceive agriculture as a remunerative or prestigious profession, and until they find meaningful economic opportunities and attractive environments in rural areas, they will continue to migrate to cities.


Thanks to 4-H Zimbabwe in conjunction with Deutsch connect , Seedco , Syngenta and Empower Bank for their attempts to improve the standard of farming amongst the rural youth in Zimbabwe.

The Cabinet approved the Children's Amendment Bill 2021.


Cabinet approved the Children's Amendment Bill 2021.
The Bill
- widens and criminalises instances of child abuse.
-places an obligation on any professional person who becomes aware or suspects that a child is being abused, to report that person to Police. 
-Criminalises parents or guardians who enable commission of an offence by a child or fail to take reasonable steps to ensure the child does not commit an offence
-empowers probation officers to obtain birth certificates for children without parental care

Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts, and Recreation,Kirsty Coventry for being elected as a full member of the International Olympic Committee.


 After serving as a member of the International Olympic Committee’s Athletes Commission since 2013 and a member of its Executive Board since 2018, former Olympic swimmer Kirsty Coventry has now been elected to serve as a full member of the IOC.

At an IOC session held on July 17, Coventry’s status was officially voted on by the organisation. Following the vote, the representative of Zimbabwe and current chair of the IOC Athlete’s Commission officially had her status within the organisation changed. 


While her previous status had listed her as an active athlete, she will now be considered an “Independent Individual IOC Member”. As a member of the IOC, she will serve an eight-year term. She will continue to hold her position in the Athletes’ Commission until the conclusion of the 2020 Games.

Coventry, who is the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts, and Recreation in Zimbabwe, will now serve as a part of the organisation responsible for making decisions surrounding the Games. 



Our Youth, Our Future !!!


Congratulations Takudzwanashe Samhembere.



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