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4-H Zimbabwe Foundation aims to promote Gender Equality through agriculture.


As a youth empowerment organization  that mainly targets young female farmers and assumes the consciousness of women about their rights, economic empowerment and women’s overall development.4-H Zimbabwe hosted Young Women in Agriculture Pfumvudza Awards 2021 as a way of promoting gender equality through agriculture.

These awards were meant to motivate young female farmers to not give up on what they do . This will also allow these young farmers to produce for sustenance and excess for sale to enable enhanced livelihoods, healthy living, economic independence and sustainability of the projects that will resultantly benefit households, communities and the nation at large.

"Our aim is to organize these women into agricultural clubs that will be training farmers and also discussing gender issues. It is clear that the economic empowerment of females also addresses other social effects such as gender based violence," said John Muchenje the director for 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation.

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In these clubs , women will be grouped according to their location and proximity to one another. A leader for each group will be selected and will thereby facilitate these trainings. Women will be taught how to produce different types of crops to being made aware of their rights in the country.

This gesture falls into one of 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation's main objectives thus to promote sustainable agriculture through empowerment and facilitation of the role of young people. Their theme "musha mukadzi murimu, promoting gender equality through agriculture" clearly proves how much the organization is advocating for gender equality through agriculture.

Ms Gumbu says the recognition has given them as young farmers the zeal to play a paramount role in regaining the country’s food security.


18 year old Florence Gumbu was the second best farmer in the 4-H Zimbabwe Young Women in Agriculture Pfumvudza/ Intwasa Awards 2021. 

Tanaka seedlings for donated 5000 onions, 500 covo and 500 rape specifically for her to improve her garden.


“Having to receive such valuable inputs in the planting of the Pfumvudza/Intwasa concept leaves us no option but to stand up and turn our fields to be livelihood sustainable projects and grow the country’s economy.

“This has boosted confidence to us as young women farmers to take up the former profession linked to men and do wonders and ensure food security for our nation and communities,” said Ms Gumbu.

21 year old Abgail Tafirenyika becomes the best female farmer.


Abgail Tafirenyika wins best female farmer under 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation Young Women in Agriculture.

Thirty female farmers were selected as the winners with the top five farmers being presented with prizes that included fertilizers, hoes and seeds. 21 year Abgail was selected as the best and she won an additional prize of an ox-drown plough


Based in Chirumanzu South Ward 4 , Abgail grows maize , soybeans and sorghum. 

She advises other female farmers to also try pfumvudza / Intwasa concert as this has highly uplifted her livelihood both socially and economically.


4-H Zimbabwe Young Women in Agriculture Pfumvudza /Intwasa awards 2021.

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A brainchild of agriculture-based organisation 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation, the 2021 Young Women in Agriculture Recognition Awards were held in Chirumhanzu District at Chengwena Village in Ward 4. The awards are held in conjunction with the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement and in partnership with Seedco, Deutsch Connect, K2, Syngeta and Empower Bank.

The inaugural awards were held under the theme “Musha Mukadzi Murimi: Promoting gender equality through agriculture”.

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Thirty female farmers were selected as the winners with the top five farmers being presented with prizes that included ox-drawn ploughs, fertilisers, hoes and seeds.

The best two farmers were 21-year-old Ms Abgail Tafirenyika and 18-year-old Ms Florence Gumbu respectively.

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“In pursuit of fighting hunger within our communities and empowering women, I felt it was good to donate these fertilisers to support grassroot organisations which complement the efforts of the Government in ensuring food security.

“As also a young farmer in the agriculture business, this is part of my corporate social responsibility,” said Mr Mhuri.

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Ms Gumbu, one of the winners said the recognition has given them as young farmers the zeal to play a paramount role in regaining the country’s food security.










4-H Zimbabwe Foundation to establish an awards fete to honor women in Agriculture.


 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation is in the process of establishing an awards fete set to honour women in agriculture particularly those farming under the Intwasa/ Pfumvudza concept commonly known as conservation agriculture.

The awards have been named 4-H Zimbabwe Foundation 2020 Rural Young Women in Agriculture Recognition Awards and are at an advanced stage. Last year, the organisation awarded young entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector to boost confidence in their sustainability.

The organisation’s Programs Officer Miss Ruth Chomola said they have embarked on women in agriculture mentorship programmes including recognition of the best young women who did well in farming this season under Intwasa/Pfumvudza concept.

“We have chosen to work with the women since they constitute over 70% of the rural farmers and as an organisation we value the role women play in ensuring food security in the country. Females, especially the youth tend to be neglected on most of the programmes and we have tailored our programmes to ensure that we prioritise them since they are always disadvantage.

“The main purpose of this initiative is to capacitate young female farmers on climate change, health and nutrition based farming and encourage other women to participate in livelihoods projects which sustain their lives through recognition and awards,” she added.

Abgail Tafirenyika ,Young women in agriculture!


22 year old Abgail Tafirenyika is based in the Midlands province at Chirumanzi. She took part in (pfumvudza) commonly known  as conservative agriculture and is growing Maize, Soybeans and sorghum(mapfunde).


Abgail is one of the biggest farmers in her district.




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